What is Cold Sore? - Symptoms, Treatment and Natural Remedies

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Several people suffer from cold sores every year.

They are far too common and unfortunately a recurring issue for most of the people who suffer from it.

The main issue with cold sores is that there is no permanent treatment available for it and no modern medication can guarantee permanent relief from this condition.

Hence, this post talks about the symptoms, treatment and natural remedies for cold sore.

Table of Contents

  • What is Cold Sore?
  • Symptoms of Cold Sore
  • Treatment of Cold Sore
  • Natural Remedies for Cold Sore
  • Applying Ice
  • Aloe Vera
  • Sunscreen
  • Reducing Stress
  • Pile of Pillows
  • Lemon Balm
  • Cornstarch
  • Tea Bags
  • Liquorice
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Red Wine
  • Conclusion

What is a Cold Sore?

Cold sores or fever blisters are not caused by a cold as the name suggests. They are caused due to a virus called herpes simplex virus.

You can get this infection due to contact with an infected person’s skin or body fluids.

The virus damages your skin when it reproduces and leaves behind sores that are filled with pus that can last up to a week.

Natural Remedies for Cold Sore

The infection is present in the cells of the body and is triggered by sunlight, fevers and stress.

Some medicines are available to treat the discomfort that cold sores cause but there is no permanent solution to cold sores when it comes to modern medication.

There are numerous ways in which one can use things that are easily available in their homes and kitchens to ease the symptoms of cold sores.

Symptoms of Cold Sore

Symptoms of cold sore are the sores that usually appear on the upper body, mainly around the lips and mouth, but they can emerge anywhere on the skin, including the tongue.

In infants, cold sores are often mistaken for canker sores since they are very similar in appearance.

Treatment of Cold Sore

People with cold sores can seek medical help in cases where the symptoms last for more than one week.

Commonly prescribed treatments for cold sores include anti-viral tablets and best hand creams.

There are several medicines that will help heal cold sores, such as Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, Panciclovir.

Apart from medications, you can also try natural remedies to treat the pain and irritation caused due to cold sore.

Natural Remedies for Cold Sore

There are numerous ways to decrease the effects that cold sores have on your body, here are some of how you can use natural remedies for cold sore.

Applying Ice

Ice may not reduce the duration of a breakout, but it can ease the discomfort and inflammation of cold sores.

Apply a cold pack directly to the sores for temporary relief.

The best way to use this home remedy is to take an ice pack and apply it to the affected areas on your skin.

Natural Remedies for Cold Sore

If you do not have an ice pack, take small chunks of ice and wrap them in a porous cloth. Dab this cloth on the affected areas on your skin.

This will help alleviate the itching and irritation caused by cold sores.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Veras has many healing properties and it is a plant that is best suited to moisturize your skin and to treat any scar, scab, wound or sore on your body.

This is due to the antibacterial nature of aloe vera that helps treat the root cause of the problem, while moisturizing scabbed skin to reduce itching and irritation.

It also soothes inflamed skin and hence is one of the best home remedies for cold sores.

It can easily be grown as a houseplant.

All you need to do is cut the leaf open from the side and collect the gel that is present inside.apply this gel to the affected areas to see the results.


Sunscreen not only protects your lips while the cold sore is healing, but it can also reduce future outbreaks when worn daily on the lips.

Look for at least SPF 30, and apply it whenever you expect to be in the sun.

This will help prevent further outbreaks and help you recover faster. This is a great treatment of cold sore.

Apply sunscreen whenever you step out in the sun and make sure you reapply it every few hours.

Reducing Stress

Herpes outbreaks are caused by stress in a lot of instances since stress causes the virus to come out of dormancy.

Reducing the amount of stress in your life is a great way to prevent cold sores.

Meditation, regular exercise, and avoiding the causes of stress in your life may help make the outbreaks less frequent.

Pile of Pillows

Blood flow to the affected areas is often a major factor in the inflammation of cold sores.

If you are feeling inflamed and blistered, use pillows to prop your head up at night.

Elevating the injured area will help to reduce the swelling.

This also helps relieve other symptoms such as itching. This is a great treatment for cold sores.

Lemon Balm

The studies have proven that lemon balm essential oil effectively kills the herpes virus.

Since all cold sores are caused by the herpes virus, any treatment that directly targets the virus is automatically one of the most effective natural remedies for cold sore.

Natural Remedies for Cold Sore

To use this method effectively, put a drop of two of lemon balm essential oil to the affected area and then hold an ice cube on top of it for ten minutes.


A traditional home remedy for cold sores is making a cornmeal poultice and applying it to the affected areas.

An easier adaptation is to make a paste of a little cornstarch and water and dab it on the sore a few times a day.

Cornstarch neutralizes the pH of the sores which helps reduce the inflammation, bring down the amount of pus or liquid present in the sore.

Tea Bags

A damped cooled tea bag can go a long way.

Apply it to the area where the sores have occurred and kept it there for 10 minutes.

This has to be done three or four times a day to ensure that it is an effective natural remedy for cold sore.


Liquorice is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and the acid found in liquorice is known to keep the virus cells from spreading.

Although drinking liquorice tea may help, applying a paste of liquorice or liquorice powder is more effective as a cold sore remedy.

Natural Remedies for Cold Sore

You can take one teaspoon of liquorice powder and mix it with petroleum jelly.

Leave this on the affected area for several hours.you can even apply this to your body before you sleep and let it stay overnight.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is known to have antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that can help heal and prevent cold sores as it attacks the herpes virus which is the root cause of the issue.

You can apply tea tree essential oil on the affected area directly three or four times a day.

Vanilla Extract

This is a fairly underrated solution to the problem of cold sores.

The alcohol in pure vanilla extract makes it difficult for a cold sore virus to thrive, which would lessen the severity of an outbreak helping one tackle the frequency of outbreaks and the irritation that is caused by them.

Red Wine

Leave red wine in a saucer for the liquid to evaporate.

Let it sit until the liquid has evaporated and then slather the sore with solidified dregs.

The antioxidant nature of red wine is the reason why it is one of the greatest natural remedies for cold sore.

This is why you can apply or consume red wine to heal or tackle the symptoms of cold sore.


With these natural remedies for cold sore, it will be easy to combat the effects that cold sores have on one’s body.

These will help reduce inflammation, itching, dryness and also help reduce the frequency or severity of an outbreak.

So, go ahead and try them for yourself to see results!

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