There is no second thought in the statement that people with high blood sugar levels are more likely to be the victim of various health complications, where one of the dangerous diseases is Diabetes. In recent study has been found that the number of people suffering from diabetes has been increased to 60-70% in the last 20 years.

The average age for diabetes is also decreased, all due to the unhealthy and inactive lifestyle and stress we are dealing with both at home and work.

Don’t you think it is a serious matter which we should not take lightly? It means we have to take care of our blood sugar level before it becomes a permanent resident in our body.

Most of the patients find it really hard to make the necessary changes in their lifestyle that help them in controlling blood sugar levels. The current medication leads to various health issues in one or another way and mostly results to the contrary gastrointestinal side effects. So, it is recommended to use natural or effective herbs for diabetes instead of depending completely on medications.

These herbs are considered as the most effective options to manage your blood sugar levels. They can be taken either alone or you can choose their combination for the treatment.

Here, we have collected some of the most effective herbs for diabetes which you must use to control your blood sugar level without zero or minimal side effects.

Most Effective Herbs For Diabetes

1. Ginseng

It is used as an effective herb for boosting the immune system for ages. In addition, it is also considered as the natural remedy to treat a high blood sugar level. The anti-diabetic properties of Ginseng work effectively in lowering the blood glucose level by nearly 20-25%.

most effective herbs for diabetes

Take and cut the ginseng root and boiled it in water for 5-6 minutes. Alternatively, you can use 1 teaspoon of ginseng powder in warm water and drink the mixture in the morning and before dinner.

2. Sage

It is always recommended to consume sage on an empty stomach as the most effective herbs for diabetes. It works great in boosting insulin secretion and activity and helps in controlling type 2 diabetes. Moreover, it is also beneficial in improving liver function and hence, immunity as well. It is taken as the best remedy when consumed in the form of tea.

You can consume sage either as a tea or you can choose to consume sage leaves in your food. For tea, take 2-3 sage leaves and boil them in water. Taking 2-3 cups in a day is beneficial to reduce blood sugar level.

3. Bilberry

It is another herb that has shown an immense medical beneficial outcome for controlling diabetes. It not only works effectively in managing type 2 diabetes but is also effective in controlling diabetes mellitus. Glucoquinine, the main compound in Bilberry is highly capable of reducing blood sugar levels. Be careful when taking bilberry infusion, as it may drop your blood sugar level to unsafe levels.most effective herbs for diabetesTake Bilberry extract and consume it in the morning and at least one hour before dinner.

4. Oregano

Another name of Oregano is marjoram and is well-known for its compound, glycosides, that is highly effective in lowering the blood sugar levels. It not only helps in enhancing insulin activity but is also beneficial for boosting the immune system. The regular intake of Oregano helps in lowering the rate of carbohydrate formation.

It can be consumed in a fresh or dried form in your food, alternatively, you can also choose to chew oregano leaves or drink oregano tea early in the morning.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used as the best home remedy for various health and skin issues for ages. Due to its anti-inflammation properties, it is widely used in cosmetic and medicinal industries. Aloe Vera is used to improve skin conditions, digestion and to prevent acne, blemishes and even hair fall as well. It also contains blood sugar lowering properties, which makes it one of the effective herbs for diabetes.most effective herbs for diabetesExtract gel from Aloe Vera leaf, blend and add it in the water to make a mixture. Now, add lemon juice and consume it in the morning.

6. Neem

Neem, another name is Azadirachta indica, has several medicinal properties, including antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant and anti-diabetic as well. The studies also show that Neem has blood sugar lowering properties, due to which it is always recommended to consume this herb in one or another way if you are suffering from diabetes and looking for a natural remedy.

Consume it either in the diluted form or you can chew the fresh neem leaves in the morning for effective results.

7. Turmeric

Apart from using it in the food for adding color and flavor to the cuisines, turmeric is also used as Ayurvedic medicine to treat various health and skin problems, including high blood sugar levels. If you are a type 2 diabetes patient, you must increase your consumption of turmeric to lower blood glucose levels.most effective herbs for diabetesYou can consume raw turmeric or in the powder form on an empty stomach. Alternatively, you can use it in the food, juices or smoothies.

8. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is highly useful for treating digestive issues and metabolic disorders; moreover, it can also be used to treat hair fall and various skin problems. One study shows that fenugreek seeds and leaves are highly effective in controlling or lowering blood glucose levels and is highly recommended to treat type 2 diabetes.

Soak 1-2 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds overnight and drink the water early in the morning. You can also add its seeds and leaves in food preparations.

9. Shatterstone

Also known as bahupatra is another remedy to control high blood sugar levels when looking for effective herbs for diabetes. As per the studies, it has been found that seeds and leaves of Shatterstone are highly effective in improving insulin resistance diabetes. The extract of this herb is highly beneficial in lowering blood glucose, in reducing hemoglobin glycation as well as in reducing the weight.most effective herbs for diabetes

10. Ponkoranti

Also known as Saptrangi, the roots and stems of this herb are widely used to treat diabetes. This effective herb acts as an anti-diabetic agent that works great in restricted the glucose to flow into the bloodstream and control the blood sugar levels in patients with prediabetes. This herb is well-proven for diabetes treatment and is highly advisable for patients with diabetes to prevent further health complications.

11. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is widely used in food and deserts and is also considered as one of the effective herbs for diabetes and various other diseases, such as obesity, cold and diarrhea. It has been found that the regular consumption of cinnamon helps a lot in controlling high blood sugar and can be used as an alternative medicine for curing diabetes.most effective herbs for diabetesCinnamon bark can be consumed directly or you can use its powder or capsules as well. Drink cinnamon tea in the morning and in the evening.

12. Clove

Clove has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and excellent digestive properties. Due to this, it works effectively in improving insulin sensitivity as well as lowering bad cholesterol levels. You can choose to consume it either raw or you can use it completely or the powdered form in the food preparation. One method, soak 4-5 cloves in one cup of water overnight and drink this water in the morning.


These effective herbs for diabetes can be used along with the medications for better results. They are highly powerful in controlling your blood sugar levels and have no side effects, so you can use them in different forms as per your choice to promote your health.

So start taking them today and strengthen your body to fight against diabetes.

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