How to Relieve Stress? -13 Simple and Proven Ways to Try

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Do you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed in simple situations? 

Do you feel tired and exhausted even after a good night’s sleep? 

Do you experience muscular tension and experience mild pains throughout the day?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes, then you might be overstressed.

The world is becoming increasingly competitive and due to this, people’s lifestyles have changed in various ways. 

There is increased pressure on students to perform better, to excel at studies and extracurricular activities as well. 

Professionals, on the other hand, push to achieve bigger targets and better results in order to beat their competitors or colleagues. 

This has caused a decrease in mental health all over the world with more and more people experiencing chronic anxiety and panic. 

Here are numerous ways to manage your stress levels to make sure that you are healthy and happy in the long run.

Table of Contents

  1. Circle of control 
  2. Exercise regularly 
  3. Time management 
  4. Well-balanced healthy meals
  5. Social support
  6. Get enough sleep
  7. Me time
  8. No addictions 
  9. Meditation 
  10. Find a fidget 
  11. Yoga
  12. Mindfulness
  13. Sports

How to Relieve Stress?

how to relieve stress

  • The Circle of Control

The best way to manage any stress of the feeling of being overwhelmed is to remember a mantra.

One of them is that everything is not under your control and cannot be fixed. It is said that there are three circles of influence.

One is the whole world, within which there is a circle that represents the things that affect you. 

And finally, the circle within this second circle represents the things that you can change.

Every time you feel cornered, remember that there are things you cannot do anything about. 

  • Exercise Regularly

It is scientifically proven that there are numerous connections between physical exercise and stress levels. 

The stress one experiences can be tackled with the help of workouts. The brain releases dopamine and serotonin when you feel relaxed and make you stress less. 

  • Time Management

It is the best solution to learn how to relieve stress. The most effective way is to make sure that you manage your time the best way you possibly can. 

Bad time management often leaves you feeling overwhelmed and causing a ruckus in your daily life. 

The chaos caused due to lack of planning is one of the major reasons most people are stressed. 

The best way to make sure you can manage your stress is to plan your work accordingly and will help reduce stress to a great extent. 

  • Healthy Well-Balanced Meals

For how to relieve stress, there are several food items that help reduce the amount of cortisol and adrenaline in your body.

These chemicals cause the body to prepare for any fight or flight situation but high levels of adrenaline can indicate stress. 

The healthy food items that can help reduce blood pressure levels can also help curb the adverse effects of stress on your body. 

If you want to learn how to relieve stress, make sure you add oranges, spinach, black tea and pistachios in your diet.

balanced healthy meal

  • Social Support

It is important to understand that a third person’s perspective is always a great tool to rely on when you want to understand how to relieve stress. 

Another person’s perspective will be fresh, unbiased and will help you look at your problems in a new light.

Hence, it is important to talk to fellow workers, family and friends. 

  • Get Enough Sleep

It is a known fact that sleep has a direct correlation between sleep and stress. 

Irregular sleep patterns and low amount of sleep tend to stay stressed. This is the best way to learn how to relieve stress without any medication. 

  • Me Time

We tend to work very hard and when we find time to relax most of us seem to stay caught up in our commitments and chores. 

This means that we are never truly taking a break and seem to be preoccupied with work no matter what we do, which means that we do not take time to re-energize and relax. 

This is why it is important to take some time to relax and spend some quality time with yourself. 

  • No Addictions

Make sure that you do not indulge in excessive drinking, drugs and other harmful compulsive habits. 

This is a dangerous path to tread on because these substances consumed unmonitored can cause dependency and addiction. 

Not only this, the continuous use of such substances may lead to the body developing resistance, which will make it more difficult for you to use them.

This is one of the biggest factors in the cause of drug overdoses.

  • Meditation

In our hectic lives, we rarely make time to exercise our mind, give it a stretch after a long day and make sure you recharge yourself mentally. This helps your mind to slow down, manage stress reduce levels of anxiety.

You can also achieve some moments of mindfulness while meditating. 

The most common way of practising meditation is to close your eyes, sit straight and take deep breaths through your nose.

Release it through your mouth and repeat for at least five minutes.


  • Find a Fidget

A lot of people experience a surge in physical energy due to the rush of adrenaline that makes them restless. 

The best way to tackle this outburst of stress is to channel your negative energy through a physical medium. 

If you are feeling extremely restless you can channel your energy into a long walk or a run.

The other ways to manage stress while in your workplace or class is to make sure you carry a fidget with you. 

With the increase in the number of people experiences symptoms of high stress, there are numerous effective fidgets that have become popular such as fidget spinners, fidget cubes, sponge balls and crazy balls. 

  • Yoga

Yoga is one of the most ancient and effective remedies for many mental as well as physical illnesses. 

Yoga allows you to be mindful while making you healthier, hence, teaching you how to manage your stress using two methods combined together. 

  • Mindfulness

Make sure that you are not overwhelmed by the things you need to accomplish or the events that have taken place in the past. 

The only way to do this is to train your mind to concentrate on the present and your surroundings. There are several methods to achieve this, one of these methods is called grounding.

The aim is to look for four things you can smell, three things you can hear, two things you can see and one thing you can touch. 

  • Sports

The best way to engage in physical exercise regularly is to play a team sport.

It helps you keep up with your exercise regime and also helps you maintain a social connection. 

A team sport helps you recharge and communicate with others, helping you take your mind off and reduce the stress that you experience.


These methods will give you a quick and effective way to manage your stress and give you simple ways to reduce the level of stress in your life.

Go ahead with how to relieve stress and try these methods today!

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